Graphic showing different optometry jobs and job seekers. Illustration

January 2019 Optometry Industry Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

The employment market for optometry job seekers came roaring back to start 2019, adding 8,299 new jobs in January. This was a significant improvement over December’s numbers (5,987 opportunities added) and also shows substantial growth compared to January 2018 (4,575 opportunities added). Nearly twice as many job ads for opticians were posted in January (2,081) versus December (1,370) and optometrists continue to be in high demand, with 2,271 added to start the new year.

Another key piece of optometry industry data to note is the fact that the average job ad age declined slightly from 34 days in December to 31 days in January, showing that even though more employers are hiring, they are also finding qualified talent to add to their teams.

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iHireOptometry’s eye care industry overview for January 2019. Infographic.

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
February 07, 2019