Graphic showing different optometry jobs and job seekers. Illustration

December 2018 Optometry Industry Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

Continuing a downward trend that began in October and continued in November, the number of new optometry jobs added to iHireOptometry fell to 5,987 in December. Although overall job volume declined, certain regions saw an uptick in opportunities. Chief among these was the Philadelphia metropolitan area which jumped all the way to number three on our list of top hiring metro areas and helped Pennsylvania land on our list of top hiring states.

Nearly 17 percent of the jobs advertised on iHireOptometry in December included information about relocation assistance, which is a major change from previous months and a possible indicator that employers are having a harder time finding the right talent. However, the average job ad age also declined from 40 days to 34 days.

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iHireOptometry’s eye care industry overview for December 2018. Infographic.

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire, LLC
January 05, 2019