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Resume Writing Tips for Opticians

Learn how to create an interview-winning optician resume.

In any job search, the way you are seen by potential employers can make or break your chances of getting interviews and employment offers. Your resume plays a critical role in this – it’s your introduction to a potential employer and the first thing they’ll see when you apply for an open position. Writing a resume for an optician follows many of the same basic principles as most other professions. However, what sets optician resumes apart is the way you present your credentials, product knowledge, skills, and experience.

Before you decide to take the next step in your optician career and begin applying for new positions, review these resume tips for opticians and take a look at these optician resume samples.


Summary & Core Competencies

Every great optician resume starts with an effective summary section and a list of core competencies. Your summary should be 3–5 sentences long and must present the case for why you are the best choice for the open position.

After the summary, your list of core competencies will provide further insight into your qualifications. Both sections work in tandem to ensure your resume makes it past the initial scan performed by the applicant tracking system while also satisfying the human reviewer.

Summary and core competencies section of an optician resume




Presenting your credentials is another vital component of an interview-winning optician resume. Believe it or not, this begins with the way your name is written. The first thing a prospective employer will see on your resume is your name, so include the initials for your professional credentials in this highly visible area on the resume.

Name and professional credentials should be listed at the top of an optician's resume


In addition to including the initials for your professional credentials directly following your last name, you must also have a dedicated section of your resume that highlights your certifications and any licenses you may have.


Professional credentials section of an optician resume



Experience & Achievements

Your experience and achievements should make up the bulk of the content in your optician resume. This section must present your professional background in an easy-to-read manner while highlighting the contributions you’ve made in your previous positions.


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The way you organize your professional history and accomplishments will depend upon the formatting strategy you choose for your resume. There are three distinct formats, but the most common is the chronological approach, so that is the optician resume sample we’ll share here. With this strategy, start by listing the company name and location along with your job title and dates of employment. Next, draft a short paragraph explaining your day-to-day responsibilities and duties. Finally, include a bulleted list of achievements.


Professional experience section of an optician resume



Education, Specialized Training & Product Certificates

Unless you have recently completed your degree or certification program, your education section should come after the professional experience section of your optician resume. Along with your educational background, this area of the resume should also contain information concerning any specialized training you have completed as well as product-specific certificates.

Education section of an optician resume



Volunteer Work & Affiliations

If you volunteer with charitable groups and/or are a member of any professional organizations, create a separate section to display that information. Make sure to highlight any leadership positions you’ve held with these groups as well as any special projects or initiatives you’ve contributed to.

Affiliation and volunteer work section of an optician resume


Interested in learning more about resume writing? Read about each of the specific sections that make up a modern resume (the title and summary, core competencies, professional experience, and supplemental sections), review the basic “rules” of resume writing, or check out some common mistakes and blunders to avoid.

To view a resume sample created by the iHire team, visit the iHireOptometry Resume Services page.

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
February 08, 2018

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