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How to Build an Optometry Practice Focused on Sports and Vision

Sports and vision go hand in hand. For one, sports vision training is an important part of any competitive activity or game; why else would we tell athletes to keep their eyes on the prize? Second, sports vision therapy is a wide-reaching practice that spans from helping young athletes better see the field with corrective lenses to assisting professional players with injuries. Third, a sports vision specialist is a lucrative position that can be practiced almost anywhere.

If you’re interested in breaking into this niche, learn more about how to become a sports vision specialist.


man running in the park with sports glasses on


Location, Location, Location!

While it’s true that sports vision specialists can practice pretty much anywhere, it’s also important to know your area in order to be ready for the clientele you’re likely to attract. If you’re looking to be a sports vision doctor to star athletes but you’re living in a town without a professional team of any kind, it’s unlikely you’ll see this kind of clientele. Still, you may have a serious high school or college team — or more than one —  nearby, and by targeting them, you can develop a sports vision practice in your area.

If, as a sports vision doctor, you do decide to move to another area with more professional teams, you’ll need to be prepared for the sports and vision field to be more competitive. This means that no matter where you go, you’ll need to consider what’s around you and how you can carve out a niche for yourself in the world of sports vision therapy.


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Connect With Those Who Can Help You

If you are just starting out in your sports vision training and/or therapy practice, you’ll need to make good networking connections with people who can help you break into this market. Some individuals start out working with another optometrist who has this kind of practice already, and you can search for jobs like this on iHireOptometry.

Others may prefer the direct route that could potentially take less time: that is, connecting with athletic trainers who will come to you when they have an athlete in need of sports vision therapy or sports vision training. For either route you choose, you will need a strong resume. iHireOptometry offers resume writing services, which can also be specifically focused on your experience as a sports vision doctor.


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Do It for the Love of the Game

It’s important to consider why you want to get into sports vision. If you just want the association with famous athletes, chances are you’re not really getting into this field for the right reasons. You should develop a sports vision practice because you want to offer help to all the athletes who need clear vision to play the sport of their choice well and safely. If this is your end goal, you’ll be able to build your practice successfully.

By iHire | April 30, 2019
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