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August 2019 Optometry Industry Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

August 2019 was a strong month for the eye care sector. Our optometry industry data showed significant growth in both new optometry jobs and total active optometry jobs compared to July 2019:

  • 10,674 vs. 7,815 total active optometry jobs
  • 8,275 vs. 6,047 new optometry jobs added

Just over 3,000 of those new optometry jobs added were for Optometric Technicians.

In terms of optometry job seekers, iHireOptometry’s total candidates increased by about 1,000 to 76K. Optical Assistant/Optical Office Staff, Optician, and Optometrist remained the top 3 most popular career titles.

Check out our complete eye care industry overview below.


ihireoptometry august 2019 optometry industry infographic

by: Natalie Winzer, iHire
September 12, 2019