Graphic showing different optometry jobs and job seekers. Illustration

April 2019 Optometry Industry Report [INFOGRAPHIC]

April saw a significant drop in the number of new jobs added to iHireOptometry vs. March’s eye care industry overview. This may indicate a slowdown in hiring, which is reinforced by a decrease in the number of active optometry jobs on the site. In addition to the negative trend in job volume, the average job ad age increased from 33 days to 38 days, so it appears that employers are hiring less and struggling to find qualified talent for the roles they need to fill.

The number of optometry job seekers registering on iHireOptometry continues to grow and now totals 81,433 candidates with optical assistant/optical office staff, optician, and optometrist as the most popular job titles. The skills claimed by these optometry job seekers demonstrates specialization and industry expertise in contact lens products, eye care, optometry, visual field testing, and eye exams.

Read our full monthly eye care industry overview below.


iHireOptometry’s eye care industry overview for April 2019. Infographic.

by: Freddie Rohner, iHire
May 07, 2019