iHire’s Quarterly Job Industry Report: Q1 2022

Decreasing unemployment rates and consistent job gains in early 2022 are encouraging signs of recovery in the labor market. Now that we’re several months into the year, what are some other 2022 hiring trends and job numbers to keep an eye on? 

We analyzed 11.8 million job ads shared across our platform of 57 industry-specific communities as well as BLS data for Q1 2022 for our latest Quarterly Job Industry Report  

Download your copy of the report, which includes:

  • In-demand career titles, skills, and credentials
  • Industries with the most remote jobs
  • Top hiring organizations and locations
  • iHire talent communities with the most active job seekers


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All data derives from iHire’s job and job seekers databases, which includes information from jobs posted directly through iHire as well as jobs aggregated from 30,000+ online sources.


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by: Natalie Winzer
April 12, 2022