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Full Time
$125k+ Annual
Job Description
  1. Health Care Services:
  1. Examine eyes, using observation, instruments and pharmaceutical agents, to determine visual acuity and perception, focus and coordination and to diagnose diseases and other abnormalities within the scope of optometry.  
  2. Analyze test results and develop a treatment plan.
  3. Prescribe, supply, fit and adjust eyeglasses, contact lenses and other vision aids.
  4. Prescribe medications to treat eye diseases if state laws permit.
  5. Remove foreign bodies from the eye.
  6. Chart documentation according to clinic standards using Electronic Health Record charting, specific forms documentation, referrals and ordering specific tests.  Documentation of acute and chronic problems, including medication as needed.
  7. Follow-up on specific disease categories and no show evaluations.
  8. Review laboratory, x-ray and referral documents prior to filing.
  9. Health Education coordination for patient follow-up for specific health education issues.
  10. Refer to approved medical protocols and/or guidelines for treatment.


  1. Consultation and Referrals:
  1. Consultations with Medical Director for problems beyond standardized procedures.  Consult physicians as needed.
  2. Referrals to other providers as needed including Health Education referrals as indicated per protocols.
  1. Teamwork Expectations:
  1. Participate in clinician peer review process.
  2. Participate in CQI: Quality Improvement Meetings and discussions as requested.
  3. Interact with and maintain referral resources.
  4. Will refer to support services (when appropriate) for counseling and education.
  5. Is responsible for providing in-put to Chief Medical Officer for resource development, staff, facility, equipment, supplies, etc.
  6. Meeting attendance at monthly General Staff Meeting and Monthly Departmental Clinician Meeting.

Efficient productivity levels according to health center standards

Job ID: 251041337

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